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Uncover your truest sound to begin your musical legacy with STATiC, founder and producer at The NoiseRoom and internationally-touring guitarist and professional multi-instrumentalist best known for his sixteen-year tenure in OURS.

Surround yourself with our vast collection of boutique microphones, state-of-the-art recording equipment, and the latest and most sought-after software and plug-ins, and prepare for a raw, inventive, and experiential recording experience with STATiC to release your dream record.

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Clients & Collaborators

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Constantine Maroulis

2-time Tony-Nominated Broadway Actor/Producer

American Idol Finalist

Kate Van Dorn


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Kristina Camille

Performing Artist

Miss New York 2016

STATiC's Studio Services


Music Production

STATiC’s tenure as a nationally-touring guitarist and his work alongside the most world-renowned vocalists, producers, and musical teams has provided him with the ability to craft songs with the approach of a historian and the spirit of a collaborative. His eclectic, sci-fi, dark and twisted sounds coalesce with 70s-style basslines and beats to craft a unique sound that molds around artists of a variety of different sounds, styles and backgrounds.

Music Performance

STATiC’s tenure as an internationally touring guitar player as well as an expert level bassist, programmer, beatmaker, and composer produces a unique experience for his clients as having the unique ability to play multiple instruments as a part of the record-making process. As opposed to bringing along multiple collaborators during the process, STATiC tackles everything musical at-hand with his extensive knowledge, expertise and experience.


The NoiseRoom is equipped with a delightful combination of both the latest recording equipment along with vintage and boutique products to provide a unique, non-traditional, and out-of-the-box musical recording experience. Additionally, STATiC has been mixing professionally for over ten years via ProTools, and has a vast array of outboard gear to ensure the most important tones, notes, and musical moments are perfectly balanced. No need to worry about waiting to hear a professional mix– STATiC can do it all right here.

Constantine Maoulis headshot.jpeg

Constantine Maroulis


American Idol/Recording Artist
Tony Nominee/Rock of Ages

Whether he is rocking out electric guitar or bass on stage with me in front of huge crowds or strumming an acoustic in an intimate setting or videos, [STATiC] consistently provides professional, rock-solid accompaniment and artistry.

In the studio he attains amazing tones and textures for my big rock vocals through his unique ability to blend vintage gear with modern methodology.

Additionally, his production contribution on my album was second to none and his composition skills are elite. I don’t know where I would be without him around and a place like The Noise Room to work. 

Koudi Wyoming Guitars with Kate Van Dorn onstage.png

Koudi Wyoming


Guitarist for Kate Van Dorn

STATiC has been the most patient, generous and hardworking producer we could have ever asked...

Gene Bowen Road Recovery.jpg

gene bowen


founder, RoadRecovery.org

What happens when you load enormous musical and technical production talent into a person whose work ethic, humility, honesty and willingness to go to any length in order to help others… you get STATiC! Who also makes an amazing strong pot of coffee too!

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