About Us

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STATiC has worked as a professional guitarist and multi-instrumentalist for over twenty years, best known for his sixteen-year tenure in OURS, lead by legendary vocalist Jimmy Gnecco. He's spent his music career touring the world and working in the studio with some of the most reputable and world-renowned musicians and recording artists in the industry.

Being a member of Ours shelled out an extraordinary amount of knowledge, experience, and self-expression. He had the honor of touring with incredible musicians like Marilyn Manson, A-Ha and Blue October, and collaborate on albums that he’s proud to be a part of: Mercy, Ballet the Boxer, and New Age Heroine, to name a few. Being a life-longer learner, STATiC intentionally puts himself around more experienced and knowledgeable people compared to himself in the skill he decides he wants to learn, aiming to always finds at least one takeaway from every interaction to add to his toolbox of musical knowledge. This served as a great technique while being a band member, as he had the greatest privilege of working as a musician alongside music producers Rick Rubin, Peter Katis, Tim Palmer, Henry Hirsch, and Jason Corsaro which later brought him the experience and knowledge to produce bands on his own.




Kira is a performing artist, a classically trained singer and co-owner of The NoiseRoom. She attended the two-year Meisner training program at The William Esper Studio and worked under David Newer and Jennifer Monaco. She is a singer and performs under the name KYRIAKI.

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