The NoiseRoom's 

Ultimate Gear List


Pre-amps, Channel Strips and Compressors

  • Manley VOXBOX

  • Three AwTAC Hand-wired Channel Amps w/ Summing

  • Pair of AwTAC Compressors

  • Universal Audio 4-710d Four-Channel Mic Preamp

  • Neve 511 500-series

  • Inward Connections Brute Compressor

  • Black Lion Auteur Mic Preamp

  • Valley People Vintage Dynamite Compressor Gate

  • Four APHEX CX-1

  • Focusrite ISA 828 8-channel Mic Pre

Blue Microphone.jpeg


  • Soyuz BombletSunnheiser 441

  • Violet Amethyst Vintage2 Blue Hummingbird

  • 2 Latvian-made Blue Baby BottleOriginal Vintage Audio-Technician 4033

  • BeyerDynamic M60 Ribbon MicRode NTG-2 Shotgun Condesder Mic

  • 2 Cascade Fat Head AMI TT42 Ribbon MicOmnidirectional Rode Lavalier Microphone

Vintage EV Broadcast Mic Collection including:

  • Vintage EV Broadcast Mic Collection RE20

  • Vintage EV Broadcast Mic Collection RE16

  • Vintage EV Broadcast Mic Collection EV 635N/D-B

  • Vintage EV Broadcast Mic Collection EV 635A

  • Vintage EV Broadcast Mic Collection 605

Blue Microphone.jpeg
static playing mellotron with jonny.jpeg
static playing mellotron with jonny.jpeg

Drum Machines, Synthesizers and Samplers

  • Akai MPC One

  • Korg Minilogue XD

  • Korg MS-10

  • Korg Volca FM

  • Korg Volca Synth

  • Korg Volca Bass

  • Korg Volca Beats

  • Korg Volca Sample

  • Roland JD 990

  • Roland 88-Key Weighted RD 600 utilized as controller for all software and MIDI needs

  • Mellotron Micro



  • Vintage Fender Early 70s Pro Reverb

  • Vintage Fender Early 70s Bassman 50

  • VOX AC4

  • Blackstar HT 5

  • Blackstar HT 50

Multi-Effect Single Processing

  • Eventide Time Factor Delay

  • Eventide Modfactor Modulation Pedal

  • Eventide Pitchfactor Harmonizer Pedal

  • Eventide Space Reverb Pedal

  • Wide array of vintage and boutique Multi-Effects Guitar Pedals




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